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DePasquale News

NJ Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2013On December 6, 2013, twenty of the biggest names in New Jersey martial arts were inducted into the New Jersey State Martial Arts Hall of Fame at the 2nd annual awards dinner held in Secaucus, New Jersey.

This event, which was attended by a venerable who's who of the martial arts world, including fighters and industry people, showed why New Jersey is considered a world leader in combat sports.

All twenty of the inductees were well deserving of their Hall of Fame honors. Members of the audience listened raptly as the inductees stood at the podium and shared stories of their lives in martial arts. There were many funny moments, as well as several poignant ones, during these acceptance speeches. A particularly touching moment came about as top New Jersey State official Nick Lembo accepted the posthumous award for his dear friend, Olympic Gold Medalist wrestler Jeff Blatnick, who passed away in 2012.

Here is what was said about Michael De Pasquale Jr:

Michael DePasquale, Jr. was quite literally born into the martial arts. The son of the late Ju-Jitsu pioneer Michael DePasquale Sr. (considered the father of American Ju-jitsu) who received the only lifetime achievement award from Black Belt Magazine before his passing in 2006.

De Pasquale Jr. was the publisher of Karate International Magazine (KI). KI was the largest full-color martial arts and entertainment magazine in the World and the first magazine to cover the UFC.

DePasquale Jr. partnered with America Online and created the Martial Arts Worldwide Network. This was the first and largest single source of martial arts news, education and information in cyberspace and also the first to cover the UFC.

He was a judge, trainer and commentator in the early days of the UFC. He worked such fights as the first Couture/Belfort and Coleman/Severn. He is still judging with the N.J.S.A.C.B. and has been for three decades.

Michael has also published 9 books including one of the first Ju-Jitsu books published in 1977, with Simon & Schuster.

DePasquale Jr. is still active on the seminar circuit, teaching his world renowned Ju Jitsu techniques, as well as Police Defensive Tactics, and Safety for Women and children, promoting safety though his books Streetwise Safety for Women and Children (Tuttle publishing) and seminars.

He qualified for the Pan Am Team Trials and won the AAU East Karate Championship.

DePasquale Jr. is the President of the International Federation of Ju-Jitsuans. He holds black belts in both karate and judo. He also holds a black belt and the coveted rank of Soke Grandmaster in Yoshitsune Ju-Jitsu.

DePasquale Jr. is a certified FBI Defensive Tactics Instructors program and trainer of Army Special Forces, U.S. Marshals, and New York City Police.

SUCCESS Seminar in Boston, A huge SUCCESS!

GrandMasters in Action 2013!

Soke DePasquale back to judging MMA events

MMA Event

Michael DePasquale Jr. was one of the undercard judges at the April 27th Sonnen vs. Jones UFC event at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Dana White and the NJ Athletic Commission trust that Soke DePasquale is the best local authority in MMA.

Michael DePasquale Jr recently got back into judging for the NJ Athletic Commission and on May 20th judged Cage Fury. Here is what one of the MMA online articles had to say about Soke DePasquale coming back to the MMA arena, “It was another solid night of action with some closely contested fights.  There was even a bit of judging history last night as legendary MMA judge and martial artist, Michael DePasquale was on hand to score the fights.  DePasquale has judged MMA contests from way back in the early days of the UFC.  It was certainly good to have a legend on hand last night”
Click here to check out the article.

Caribbean Martial Arts Event

Caribbean Martial Arts EventOur IFOJJ Puerto Rico Rep Jesus Bonilla ran a great seminar series. Goshin Budokan Dojo Presented the Caribbean Martial Arts Event.

The Highlighted Grandmasters were Joe Hess, Bill D'urso, Joseph Miller, Lou Ferrel, Bob Souder, Robert Hernandez, Jesus Bonilla, along with Michael DePasquale Jr.

Jesus and his students did a great job representing not only the IFOJJ and his dojo but the Martial Art community.

Photos of the event are in our GALLERY

Long Time Yoshitsune student and teacher receives his Godan Shihan

Jim Haggeman receives Godan ShihanCongratulations to Jim Haggeman a long time Yoshitsune Ju-Jitsu student and teacher for receiveing his Godan Shihan in the Yoshitsune Traditional system.

New Shodans in Yoshitune Combat Ju-jitsu

Joe Ferro and Tom Payne receive ShodanCongratulations to Joe Ferro and Tom Payne who received their Shodan in the Combat Ju-Jitsu system. Seen here with Shihan Frank Payne and Soke DePasquale

On September 24th Soke Michael Depasquale Jr. went to Boston

Jackie Pence hosted a Seminar on September 24th with Soke Michael Depasquale Jr.

Jackie has helped the IFOJJ Martial Art University quite a bit in the past few years and we thank her for that. Her husband, Keven Pence, is a DePasquale Combat Jujitsu 2nd degree black belt. He is doing a great job teaching a lot of our combat jujitsu black belts in the Boston area.

Photos of the event are in our GALLERY

New Horizon Karate Seminar/Test

Congratulations Black BeltsOn the 25th of September Soke Michael DePasquale Jr. did a seminar at Jim Alty New Horizon Karate. Where not only was the Seminar well received, but seven people were tested for Shodan in the combat Yoshitsune system.

Congratulations to Marshall Akita, Geoff Akita, Peter Stark, Philippa Schwarzkopt, Rick Maypother, Jim Gettens, and Hie Tu. This is first 2nd generation of black belts in the system. Hats off to Shihan Jim Alty for doing a great job with all of his DePasquale Yoshitsune Combat jujitsu system. They even performed the test lefty and righty.

Photos of the seminar and test are in our GALLERY

New Hampshire News

Shawn Flanagan, our IFOJJ rep in New Hampshire, is a 3rd Dan in the Combat Yoshitsune jujitsu system and a First Dan in the Yoshitsune traditional system. He has been running a fantastic jujitsu program at his Karate International Martial Arts school. He also tested many of his students while Soke DePasquale Jr. was visiting, and boy what a terrific job he did. Take a look at a clip on Shawn and John's site with Soke teaching hand and foot drills.

Martial Arts Symposium 2010

This year Terry Dow's Martial art symposium was a great success in New Hampshire. Many blackbelts attended with their students. Some of the notable instructors were Bill Wallace, Bruce Juchink, Jeff Driscoll, Master Brent Crisci, and Soke Michael DePasquale Jr.

West Point News

IFOJJ Rep and Yoshitsune Shihan Antony Nataro is back at West Point helping teach the cadets in the Judo Program. Remember last year the team was a winning team and I am sure this year will be the same. Tony also supported the IBRF and had a great write up in the PSE&G newsletter where he works.

Action Film Academy

Action Film Academy 2010In August Michael DePasquale Jr. ran his Action Film Academy with a lot of Martial Art school instructors and students. Take a look at the new promo at All the students that graduated from the Action Film Academy became members of the Screen Action Stunt Association An independent film was also shot at the AFA called "The Last Operative". All of the students who attended were in scenes. Special thanks goes to all those who help with instruction; Joe Hess, Bill D'urso, Tom Renner, Larry Houck (who also set up the all equipment at the event), Ross Greenberg , Marvin Carmona, Angel Torres, Doctor Phil DeFina, and good friend of Michael DePasquale Jr's, Chuck Zito, who showed up on Sunday.

Florida News

Congratulations to Drew and Daniel Serrano for an outstanding job with the IIMAA conference in Florida. Along with IFOJJ's Michael DePasquale Jr. was Bill Wallace, George Kirby, Christine Bannon Rodriguez, Toby Milroy, Jeff Allen, Greg Goepfert, Jim Graden, Richard Bustillo, and many others. Take a look at

Soke Michael Depasquale Jr. promoted two people to Shodan in the combat yoshitsune system. Joe Ferrel, a student of of Joe Hess, and Tom Payne who is a high ranking traditional Yoshitsune practitioner. His father who has been studing the Yoshitsune system for over 30 years is our IFOJJ rep and top ranking Yoshitsune Jujitsu instructor. Soke also did a Seminar for a lot of outside Martial Art practitioners which was thoroughly enjoyed.

Photos of the event are in our GALLERY

Soke DePasquale and Friend Wesley SnipesCasting Call with Wesley Snipes

In September Michael DePasquale Jr. put a casting call together at the Double Tree Hotel in Ft. Lee NJ. Many of the AFA graduates attended and did a skilled job. Other Martial Art luminaries who attended the casting call; Shonie Carter, Kevin Thompson, Ronald Duncan Jr., Kenny Lee, and many more. The day turned out to be a great success with over 150 people.

Photos of the event are in our GALLERY

Alabama News

Soke Michael Depasquale Jr. was in Alabama in August, with IFOJJ rep and Yoshitsune Blackbelt, Soke Jimmy Steager. Soke DePasquale has been going to Alabama for over ten years. Each time Soke Jimmy Steager tests many students in his Fujikan system and Yoshitsune system.

Congratulations to all of those who tested and Kudos to Jimmy's new school. Soke DePasquale spends the weekend with Jimmy, his family, and his students. He always raves about how they train and treat him. God Bless You guys!

Photos of the event are in our GALLERY

Save A Soldier Project

Recently IFOJJ reps Bill D'urso and Joe Hess ran a successful fundraiser for the IBRF at Bill's church in Springfield Virginia. All of the members of the church took part in the day's activities from bake sales to safety programs for the attendees. Kudos to both Bill and Joe for raising $3500 for the IBRF Save a Soldier Project.

IFOJJ Rep Sensei Tom Renner who is ranked and trains with Soke Michael DePasquale Jr. raised $1300 for the IBRF. He hosted Soke DePasquale Jr. to teach several seminars at his school which he does twice a year and what a great group of students he has. Besides the seminars, there was a test for his blackbelts. Soke DePasquale was proud to watch these students perform dynamic Jujitsu techniques. When all was said and done there was a Tea Ceremony to present them with their rank. Tom as recently in the movie "Salt", "CSI New York", and more... it all started at the Action Film Academy.

For more news, check out

DePasquale Photo Gallery updated 10/10 click here for new pictures.

Soon to be released - Michael DePasuale Sr. and Jr. articles from Michael DePasquale Jr's world renowned magazine karate international and new dvd series

Action Film Academy 2010 a huge Success!!

IFOJJ Martial Arts University Featured on Inside Martial Arts TV Click here for video

New online registration for all certification programs now available.

IFOJJ and DePasquale Ju-Jitsu grows in Italy under our representatives in Italy.

Our DePasquale Ju-Jitsu black belts in Florida complete their 3rd certification in Tennessee in conjunction with a seminar that Soke DePasquale ran for Dan Inesanto’s School.

Jeff Smith comments on DePasquale Ju-Jitsu take a look at comments and opinions.

Big promotion for four students in Italy Daniele Mazzoni, Andrea Mazzoni, Claudio Nasciuti, and Alessandra DelFiore. Congradulations!

Big IFOJJ and Yoshitsune promotions at the IFOJJ Martial Art University 2009: Robert Scott III, Fred Burnier, Shawn Flannegan, Joe Diaco, Marvin Carmona, Bill Durso, Larry Hauck, and Ross Greenberg.

We had a dedication for Michael DePasquale Sr at the 40 year anniversary of the IFOJJ and a dedication to the late, great martial art friend, soke Joe Bonnacci.

Here's what the Israeli Krav Maga International directly from Israel
has to say about Soke Michael De Pasquale Jr,
which he is extremely thankful.

I had read about Michael DePasquale Jr. the Jujitsu Master in all sorts of martial arts magazine's; Karate International, Black Belt Magazine, Inside Karate and others, so I was very excited about the opportunity to train with him at Dr. Beasley's Karate College.

Michael DePasquale Jr. is the son of Michael DePasquale Sr., a great Jujitsu master who is considered the father of American Jujitsu.

I can't describe how excited I felt to actually be on the Mat with him, I could hardly wait for the class to begin. What can I say, I was not disappointed.

DePasquale moves with the grace of a master, his speed and finesse of execution are most impressive. His range of techniques and their applicability to the street greatly added to my knowledge.

I enjoyed his defenses against punches, his effective use of the "dead hand", his O uchi garei Judo take-down and his arm lock finishing holds. I found all his techniques practical and easy to apply.

Getting to know Michael DePasquale Jr. was no less of a thrill than his class. He is a genuinely kind person, easy to befriend and fun to be around.

When I saw him in the dinning room with friends and fellow instructors Bill D'Urso and Joe Hess I asked if I could take a photo of them. He answered that not only could I take a photo but I should join them in the photo and join them for dinner. What an honor.

I had the privilege of training with him several more times. Each time he greeted me as an old valued friend, at each farewell he repeated, "If There is ever anything I can do for you, just let me know." Michael DePasquale Jr. is a true gentleman and an outstanding example of what a martial artist should be.

There was one more thing that I shall never forget; his respect for his father. Once I saw him walking down the stairs and I asked him about his old tattered black belt, he said, “It is my father's”.

At the time his dad was quite ill, he has since passed on, and Michael DePasquale Jr. was visibly concerned. At every possibly opportunity he made reference to his father, always showing the utmost respect. His humble behavior, his concern for all of us, his care and respect for his father, deeply moved me.

Did I mention he also does a darn good Elvis imitation?