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Stunt Fighting and Falling Certification

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Add this exciting new program to your curriculum. Teach your students what is taught by the pros at the Action Film Academy.
Help them make your demos look like a hollywood stunt show.

This certification will take place on Saturday June 14th, 2014
and at the Action Film Academy.
All instructors who participate will receive a certification license to teach this program in their school

Action Film Academy

NEW REBATE PROGRAM for School owners bringing students

Please contact us at (201) 666-7100 or email us at for more information.

 Fighting and Falling for Film 

The Martial Arts / Action entertainment industry has been steadily growing in recent years, and the time could not be better to add this dynamic program to your schools to perform various stunts for camera and theatrical work. Enhance your schools demonstration team with outrageous fight scene choreography taught to you by professionals with years of experience in the industry. You will learn how to "sell" fight scenes, falls, and many other action acting techniques. For over a decade MDP Enterprise has been teaching students at our Action Film Academy , and now you have the opportunity to make this heart pumping activity a part of your school. The benefits also are that you will become a member of the Screen Action Stunt Association which is listed in the prestigious Ross Report Book, the bible to the film industry. To see more go to

The areas covered in the seminar are:

    Level One:
  1. Camera Angles
  2. Hitting Your Mark
  3. Drop Back Drills
  4. Step Up Drills / Basic Fight Scene Scenarios
  5. Kicking, Blocking, Throwing for the Camera
  6. Timing / Head Snaps / Body Reactions / Towel Drills / Basic Fall Fighting for Flim
  7. Back Falls / Face Falls / Side Falls
  8. Open Hand Self Defense Techniques

Level two will be discussed once you take the level one course.

Length of Course:
1 Day 8-10 hrs
Levels Available:
1 & 2


  • You will receive a certificate of completion.
  • Opportunity to add this certification to your resume.
  • You will be able to teach a program in your school which will add income to your facility.
  • You will become a member of the Screen Action Stunt Association
  • A 15% discount on any Action Film Academy you attend in the future.

Rob Van Dam:

Past WWE star
"Taking a chance on an Ad that I saw in a magazine, I attended the Action Film Academy and was amazed. Not only was the experience invaluable, I actually got a part in my first movie from it. I highly recommend the Academy and Michael DePasquale Jr.'s stunt fighting and falling programs for anyone interested in Action Movies. If you don't look into it, you are only cheating yourself."

Michael DePasquale Jr. is available to have a Seminar at your Dojo. For your students.
Host a Seminar

Application of Certification:
Upon Graduation, Certified Instructor will have the necessary skills to teach in any venue appropriate for this activity.

DVD's & or photos of the Course will be made Available by Request

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