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I.N.F. Defensive Tactics Program

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Immobilize Neutralize Finalize
Police Defensive Tactics

INF Police Defensive Tactics Instructors License Certification

NEW REBATE PROGRAM for School owners bringing students

Please contact us at (201) 666-7100 or email us at for more information.

Immobilize - Stop the Attack
Neutralize - Take Attacker to the Ground
Finalize - Handcuffing Submission Techniques

This program is specifically designed for Black Belt schools owners, instructors, police officers, security, and military personnel.
** It is a requirement of this course, that individuals participating must have NO previous criminal records or offenses. **

The benefit of this system of defense is total control of a suspect at all times with minimum force applied by the officer. The techniques are designed with law enforcement principles and with quick submissions and restraint in mind. These techniques are designed with economy of motion; 3 moves to primary handcuffing position which is face down on the ground 1 hand locked behind the back. Any agency looking for Police Defensive Tactics with no nonsense principles and tactics to introduce into the training curriculum are more than welcome to attend a class or contact our Headquarters for a demonstration.

Dept of Justice award

Award presented by the US Dept. of Justice
Leonia PD

Leonia PD Lead Defensive Tactics Program
click here for full story
Leonia PD

Award presented by the NYC Police Dept.

"On June 26th you conducted a defensive tactics seminar for the New York City Police Dept. This course was held at the Police Academy and was attended by officers from several Department tactical units. Your knowledge and enthusiasm in presenting this training positively reflects on your organization's dedication to enhancing the safety of all uniformed officers and the citizens they serve."
- Helen McAleer
- Deputy Inspector, NYPD

If you are interested in sponsoring a certification program for defensive tactics for police contact Michael DePasquale Jr at 201-666-7100.

Host a Seminar

This one day program will be taught by renowned defensive tactics experts Michael DePasquale Jr.
and Sargent Robinson Rodriquez (of the Newark Police Dept.)

Length of Course:
1 Day program per level
Levels Available:
1. DT Instructor’s License
2. DT Master Instructor License

If your school is interested in hosting, contact us at either 201-666-7100 or go

DVD's & or photos of the Course will be made Available by Request